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NITIYA is a health food brand uniquely developed by Nippon Kampo Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd.
To condense the blessings of nature.
Since its birth, has there been a supplement that has continued to face raw materials and manufacturing methods like this?

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The Production System of Kampo Inc.

  • Product Development

    Under the concept of "bringing out the goodness of ingredients" from Kampo medicine, we are committed to creating products from the customer's perspective.

  • Manufacturing

    "Treasure every single grain". A manufacturing system that does not allow a single chip in a tablet to reach the customer's hand.

  • Quality Inspection

    The Quality Control Department and Quality Assurance Office work together to improve quality every day.

  • Distribution

    We thoroughly manage our products during the distribution process to ensure that their quality and safety are not compromised.

  • Support

    We aim to create better products based on feedback from our customers.

Information for our sales outlets.

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Corporate customers (ODM/OEM)

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